Northern Territory Designated Area Migration Agreement

NTDAMA - 482

The new Northern Territory Designated Area Migration Agreement (NT DAMA) lets the Northern Territory (NT) employers sponsor skilled and semi-skilled overseas workers for positions they are unable to fill with local workers. NT DAMA applies to the whole of the Northern Territory and is tailored to address current and emerging labour market shortages with local terms and conditions of employment. NT DAMA utilises the labour agreement stream of the Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482), whereby businesses enter into a labour agreement with the Australian Government and workers are then granted a subclass 482 visa. The NT DAMA is an employer-sponsored visa program and individual workers cannot apply for a visa independently. The key elements of NT DAMA are:

NTDAMA - 482
  • Pathways to permanent residency for NT DAMA visa holders (including transitional arrangements for existing visa holders), a
  • Broad range of occupations that reflect Northern Territory skilled and semi-skilled shortages with no caveats to apply,
  • English language concessions for some occupations,
  • Salary concessions that reflect Northern Territory market rates, ensuring that worker terms and conditions of employment are not eroded,
  • Northern Territory businesses and consumers are not subjected to inflationary costs,
  • A range of risk and integrity actions to ensure that the rights of both employees and employers are protected.
  • A five year agreement to reduce red tape.


  • Registration
  • Documents
  • Employer Finalization
  • Job Offer
  • Nomination Application
  • Visa Application
  • visa


  • Accountant - general
  • Account Clerk
  • Baker
  • Bookkeeper
  • Chef
  • Cook
  • Cook - Specialist ethnic cuisine
  • Customer service manager
  • Diver
  • Family support worker
  • Hair or beauty salon manager
  • Hairdresser
  • Hardware technician
  • ICT customer support officer
  • ICT support technicians nec
  • Management accountant
  • Marketing specialist
  • Office manager
  • Program or project administrator
  • Retail manager - general
  • Retail supervisor
  • Sales and marketing manager
  • Taxation accountant
  • Tour guide
  • Truck driver - general
  • Web administrator
  • Web designer
  • And Many More ...

Benefits of 482 visa:

  • Work in Australia for up to three years.
  • Pathway to PR after 2 Years.
  • Your Family including your spouse and child can join you.
  • Your spouse can work / study in Australia.
  • Travel in and out of Australia as often as you want.
  • Only 5 bandoverall and in each module in IELTS.

Apply For 482-Visa

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