Business Visa Canada

Business Visa Canada

The Canadian Business Visa program is designed to attract migrants who are skilled and experienced business persons. Under these programs favoured applicants include managers, business owners, farmers, self-employed professionals as well as applicants seeking to start-up a business in Canada.

Canada’s many international trade agreements, excellent international reputation and close proximity with the US and South America, allow entrepreneurs and investors with a Canadian business visa unfettered access into the North American market as well as the opportunity to benefit from many international trade opportunities.

Business Visa Canada

Business Visitor Visa Basic Requirements

Barring the applicants from DCO (Designated Countries of Origin) and visa-exempt countries, visitors from most nations may obtain a visa under Business Visitor category. The list of DCO is reviewed from time-to-time. Visitors from Designated countries need to obtain TRV (Temporary Resident Visa). Applicants must possess a valid passport and ensure that they are criminally and medically permissible to enter Canada.

Business Visitors must be able to provide documentation establish their intended business activities in Canada. It is essential that visitors applying under this category should have their centre of business and the source of income and profits amassed outside of Canada.

Business Visitor Visa Entitlements

Applicants, once approved as Business Visitors, are allowed to travel across Canada. Visa holders under this category are entitled to visit family, friends, and experience Canada’s cultural & tourism attractions. They can participate in trade shows and conferences; they can use the opportunity to not only meet prospective clients and take orders, but also to search for more rewarding business prospects and explore schools and educational institutions to pursue further studies. Moreover, they can conduct meetings with prospective recruiters and employers, and thereby explore options for extending their stay in Canada

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